Marcel Coetzee

Marcel Coetzee

Trauma Integration Coach

Straight to the point

I specialize in Trauma Integration Coaching. I have a lifetime of personal experience and over 15 years professional experience. 

Who are my clients: people who experienced overwhelming life traumas & struggle to function at their optimum, as a result.

How do I help: by guiding you towards processing and incorporating these experiences to create a newer, better & healthier version of yourself

My approach is eclectic but grounded in LifeSpan Psychology

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I congratulate you for taking control of your life and hope that I can support you on your path towards becoming happy, fulfilled and content.

I was born in South Africa, during the height of Apartheid. On the one hand, it was a gift to be able to grow up roaming free in the mountains, valleys and to drink directly from the mountain streams. On the other hand, being a white boy in South Africa during these times, meant that I could shoot, set traps, find water, build shelter and kill, before I was even in school. It was the world I was born into.

It was only once I came to Europe for the first time in 2001, that I actually realised the wrongs done by my own ancestors against their fellow country men, women and children.

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I grew up with my fair share of family troubles. As the eldest of 3 kids, I was the one who stood up against my father, from a very young age, to protect my mother, brother and sister against his violent alcohol induced outbursts. I had a stroke when I was 10 years young. Environmental stress was attributed as the cause if I recall correctly. It was strange to say the least – I woke up one morning, and one whole side of my body just stopped working completely! I recovered fully. These are just a few of my childhood experiences.

In 1999 I peaked in my rebellion phase, and it nearly killed me.

I passed out behind the steering wheel of my car. I remember waking up and thinking that I was in my bed. The warmth that I was feeling all over my face and body was my own blood from the accident. I was very lucky to say the least – a few broken ribs and a broken femur. It was probably one of the most difficult, as well as interesting things, that I ever had to go through in my life – learning to walk again as an adult.

I couldn’t walk for nearly a year and I was a very active person before this. It was extremely challenging.

In 2000 an opportunity came along for me to escape all the pain. I moved to Ireland. This is where the rollercoaster really started. Thinking back now, as I’m writing these words, I’d like to tell you to always remember to keep going. Don’t stop, it doesn’t matter how hard it feels, as long as you don’t stop, it can still change.

I was still on my crutches when I landed in Ireland – I was 20. I met my first love within the first few weeks of arriving in this new country. I became a father not too long after that. It was a very difficult and emotionally taxing relationship – I broke both my hands out of frustration, turned into a weekend Daddy and became a fully functioning alcoholic somewhere during the process.

All this before I had reached 30. I met my second love when I was 35. She saved my life. She is the engine that moves me.

Since 2016 I have focussed on changing myself and my life for the better.

I have made peace with the past, I don’t drink anymore, I am not angry anymore, and most importantly, I am happy and I don’t blame other people or my past anymore. I have taken full responsibility, and it has changed my life.

My personal development journey started in 2004 when I enrolled for my first Dip in Psychology, as a mature student.

I am still always busy studying and learning, and have come to see learning as one of the great gifts life has to offer us.

Today I do what I can, to help those who are now, where I was then. Those who are stuck, and alone.

My job is to show you that it doesn’t have to be the end, but that it can be the beginning.

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I do what I can, to help those who are now, where I was then. Those who are stuck and overwhelmed. Those who are still being suffocated by their pain. 

My job – my passion – is to show you, that it doesn’t have to be the end, but that it can be the beginning.

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