Whether we think we can, or we think we can’t. It is already a possibility because it exists in our minds.

Marcel Coetzee, Awareness Coach Coach

Welcome, I am Marcel

Since 2009, I have been helping people who experience a life crisis, to get through it, and become better versions of themselves in the process.

With an educational background in Psychology. I work with you to find Clarity, Stillness and Peace of Mind so that you can start focusing on a healthier balance between the important areas of your life. 

I spent the last 15 years studying different areas of personal development. My main interest has always been awareness and how our understanding of our own thoughts, influence our actions and reactions, our decisions and communication, our health – our daily lives.  

Born in South Africa, I aimed for a career as a professional athlete, when an unexpected car accident destroyed that possibility. Looking for new direction in life, I came to Ireland at the young age of 20. Then life just started to roller-coaster out of control. After a series of life altering events, I experienced mental and emotional shut down.

Today I have transformed this experience and use it to help others achieve a greater balance in their lives.

Are you at a place where you want to make some changes?

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