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Do you accept insurances?

I do not accept any insurance.

How long are your sessions?

Anything between 90 minutes to 3 hours.

In my personal and professional experience, the conventional 50 – 60 minute sessions are just not enough time to really get to, and address the important stuff. Please ensure that you open a 3 hour time slot, if you book a session.

What is your coaching style?

This depends on the need:

If you need clarity with a problem that needs to be resolved quickly, then my focus will go into facilitating this, as realistically as possible. I would like to stress though, that most “problems” we still carry around with us, have their origin somewhere in the past. If the problem, that you need to get “fixed quickly”, is recurring in its nature, then it is most likely related to a still unresolved and un-integrated trauma experience from your past, and it will take more time. This is something we will talk about in detail during our first call.

My coaching style is proactive, interactive and resolution focused. Straightforward without being harsh. Encouraging without pressuring.

My focus is centered around finding the clearest way to “get your problem”, so that I can guide you to start making the needed changes.

My clients have been and still are, my most challenging teachers. Through my years of doing this work, I have seen extraordinary examples of resilience, strength and change. If you are reading this and still think that it’s not possible to change some aspect of your life, I am here to tell you that I’ve seen it happen. Over and over again. Wanting a change is where you start.