Work with Me

If you are sick of how you are, being in the situation you are, and being unhappy like you are, then I welcome you. You are at the right address. There is no magic pill. It will take time, and work, but I promise you, it’s possible to change your life – I have. 

The first thing I will say, is that nothing you think, is actually really what you think. It’s mostly just what you think about, what you think. Through introspection and self inquiry, we realise that most of the 64 thousand thoughts, we perpetually repeat every day, actually belong to other people. Most of our thoughts are not our own. The lens we see our worlds through was either manufactured directly by our conditioning, or it’s heavily influenced by it.

All the pain, suffering, hurt, disappointment and frustration you have gone through up until now, happened as a result of your self reacting towards, or resisting against your conditioning and your environment. You are here right now, because you are either tired of pretending to be who you are not, or because you are tired of the world telling you who and how you are. Either way, you are tired. You want to find happiness, but you don’t know how. That is how you found me.

To quote Cat Stevens “I was once like you are now, and I know that it’s not easy…” I understand.

What I do

I help you to find the subconscious impact points in your life, responsible for creating the destructive patterns you are repeating. Once we identify the origins of these subconscious patterns, we go through a process of connecting the dots, to see how they have influenced your life up until now. This is the hard part of the journey. It’s also where the healing happens. The final part of the program is dedicated to helping you redesign your life and your patterns based on what you need to be fulfilled, happy and content.

How does it work?

If you are still reading, you will probably already know if you want to reach out to me, or not.

I invite you to book a consultation so we can discuss your situation, and see if my service is something that can benefit your life in the long run. If we decide that we are a fit, the next steps will be made available. 


All sessions are online (Skype, Zoom, WhatsApp, etc.). 

  • Single session coaching (session can be up to 3 hours)
  • 3 session coaching blocks (to 10 hours maximum)

Different program packages available, depending on what you need (on request and by invitation only).