Everything is a Pattern

Do you wish you had the answer?

You know – the answer to making things in your life better, easier and happier. 

Does it feel like you are going to completely break into a million pieces if you continue on the path you are on now? 

Are you still  telling yourself that there HAS TO BE A WAY out of this calamity and that you just DON’T know what it is?

Well you are correct, there is, and you have found it.

Welcome, you have just arrived at the rest of your life.

How does one learn to be happy and content for the rest of their life?

It has become so hard to live in flow with our natural design, that we have nearly forgotten what it’s like to be happy and content.

It is very possible and already a reality for many, many people all around the world. Someone just has to show us what we already forgot.

Since the beginning of the Industrial Revolution in the West, just more than 200 years ago now, we have been told to buy more, use more, have more, to prepare for a future that might happen. To own things we should want, and to be what we are told to be.

What influence do you think this has had on the previous 7-8 generations who preceded us?

The people where we come from. Throw 2 world wars in the mix as well and you have a recipe for some really messed up emotional conditioning. 

There’s a very good reason you are so unhappy.

Just remember – not even the most intelligent person on this planet can objectively see themselves or the patterns that they are stuck in.

One needs a 3rd party who is disconnected, unbiased, un-opinionated and non-judgemental, to mirror ourselves against.

To show us who we really are, so that we can face it, and change it with gentle guidance.

I ask you again – how do you learn to be happy for the rest of your life?

By learning how to be happy today, and starting from here.

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