Work with Me

Emotional stress comes from the lack of certain opportunities for action in one’s life. It’s during external circumstances that manifest as triggers (in our work, relationships, family or personal life), that we can sometimes find it extremely challenging to maintain our inner balance. This is what we can describe as a “crisis period or situation”. We can overcome stressful situations like this by changing our perspective. We change our perspective by learning to recognise our own subconscious behavioral patterns and conditioning.

How we view the world is up to us, but only if we realise that the first view we were taught of the world, belonged to someone else.

What I do

I help you to find the impact points in your life, responsible for creating these limiting subconscious patterns which is the cause of the crisis you are experiencing. Once we identified the origins of these emotional patterns, and can see exactly how they have influenced your life up until now, I help you to change the patterns.

How does it work?

In 6 Sessions you will be at a point, where you are able to resolve and change the patterns, which are keeping you in a loop and stopping you from making the changes needed to live your life free and happy.

I work predominantly online using video calls (Skype, Zoom, WhatsApp, etc.).

If this is something that you are ready to take action on, I invite you to a first, free conversation which will take about 30 mins.

Here we will get to know each other and look at exactly where you are, what impact this has on your life and how I can help you.