Book on Self-Knowledge and Self-Understanding

 Expected publish date: 2023

When is the last time in your life that you wished you had the answer?

You know – the answer to making things in your life better, easier, and happier. When was the last time you felt like you were going to completely break into a million pieces, and that this whole calamity could be prevented, if you only knew what to do and how to do it.

That is what the book is about – finding out how to know, what this means, and how it will change your life knowing this.

We have forgotten that we are products of our conditioning. As a result, we became used to pointing fingers to those around us for the wrong, and the injustices in the world.

We have forgotten that We are Them, and that They are Us.

Currently the planet we live on, serves as host for nearly 8 billion of our species. We continue to blame each other for everything. It hasn’t gotten us far, and it won’t. We probably won’t destroy the planet enough for her to not be able to recover. Earth has existed long before humans and will continue to exist long after humans. What I am scared of, is that we are nearing destroying ourselves as a species, beyond the point of repair.

I believe that through understanding ourselves, and knowing ourselves, we can grow a level of global compassion for each other, unseen up until this time in our existence on this planet. We have such a short time on this planet, that we cannot afford anymore to waste it. We cannot afford anymore not to learn to care for each other. That is why I am working on this project, to be the change I want to see in this world, and to help people see, that happiness and peace does not come from the outside, but through understanding one’s own inside. The one hand washes the other one. It’s just the way it is. Topics I’ll be covering include:

  • Human Conditioning
  • Happiness vs Success
  • The Self-Concept
  • Changing vs Staying the Same
  • Pain
  • Want vs Need
  • Acceptance: by Yourself vs by Others
  • Becoming Yourself: what does this mean?
  • Letting go
  • Communication
  • Human Interaction and Boundaries
  • Awareness

These are just some of the areas I’m conducting interviews in, there will be much more included in the final product.

At the moment I’m interviewing selected individuals chosen because they tick some, or all of the below boxes:

  • Coming from nothing to build something great and global
  • Having a global influence on a specific demographic looking up to them as a role model
  • Having reached both Success, Happiness and Peace of Mind (and not gone crazy yet – as this is quite a feat) 
  • Leading by example in either the world of Art, Sciences, Business and Sport.

If you would like to participate in the project, you’re most welcome.

Everyone on this planet has a voice, but not everyone listens.

I would love to listen to your experience and thoughts if you want to share them.

This project is about learning to listen, not just to what’s around us, but especially to what’s inside us.

Connect with me either through my Linkedin account or by sending me an email to .